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AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez

For a make-up game, this September matchup between the Phillies and the Rockies started as a nightmare. A crooked number from the Rockies early had the Phillies climbing out of a hole, and they just couldn’t seem to find a way out of it. Then suddenly, the big inning worked magic for the Phillies again, and it started one of the most magical Septembers the team can remember.

With the Rockies piling on the early runs, the Phillies could only supply small answers. Then came the seventh, and that’s when the Phillies’ magic took over. Chase Utley’s RBI single cut the lead to 7-4, and when Ryan Howard followed with a two-run shot, there was something that gave the Phillies more of a chance. When Jayson Werth wasted no time in tying the game, going deep immediately following Howard’s shot, it was an intense battle to the finish. But, the Phillies were not done. Ben Francicsco pinch hit, and drove home the leading run with an RBI single. The Phillies then loaded the bases with one out, but after Placido Polanco struck out, there was more of a need for Utley to get a hit for some insurance. You couldn’t have asked for a bigger hit than what you got. Utley drove one deep to right field for a grand slam, and the Phillies had a 12-7 lead. The Rockies proceeded to cut that lead all the way down to one, as the Phillies’ pitching staff continued to have a rough night. But, they managed to hold on, and kickstart one of the great ending to a season in franchise history.

It was easily the wildest game of 2010, but with that Phillies’ win, something seemed to make believers out of anyone who was left with doubt prior to September. No, the Phillies did not have the division lead then, but with that win, something just made it seem things were so much closer than they appeared. There was the drama that comes with a comeback of that size, with plenty of nerves thrown in. After all, the Rockies had it, then the Phillies did, and then the Rockies almost had it again. Still, with the type of September the Phillies had, this game certainly set the table, and it is why this game ranks in the 2010 version of Games of the Year.

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