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PostHeaderIcon 2013 Preview: Pitchers Stats

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Cliff Lee is looking to rebound from a 2012 season that saw him win only six games. (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Cliff Lee is looking to rebound from a 2012 season that saw him win only six games. (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Now that I’ve revealed the hitters predictions for the 2013 season, it’s time for the men on the mound. Here’s how I see the pitching shaping up in 2013.

Mike Adams (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 5-3, 3.27 ERA, 45 K, 17 BB, 52.1 IP, 1 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 4-2, 3.12 ERA, 56 K, 15 BB, 64.2 IP, 2 Sv)

Adams is going to make an impact on this team. He will pitch the eighth inning regularly. He will hold down more leads than the logjam of pitchers the Phillies tried to use in 2012. And fresh off a rough final season in Texas, he will be looking to start anew in the National League.

Phillippe Aumont (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 0-1, 3.68 ERA, 14 K, 9 BB, 14.2 IP, 2 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 2-2, 3.46 ERA, 42 K, 16 BB, 45.1 IP, 2 Sv)

Aumont showed signs of promise late last season. His role might not always be major but he will find a way to make an impact even with very little major-league experience.

Antonio Bastardo (2012 Prediction: 4-1, 2.52 ERA, 80 Ks, 28 BBs, 63.1 IP, 4 Sv; 2012 Stats: 2-5, 4.33 ERA, 81 K, 26 BB, 52 IP, 1 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 3-3, 3.96 ERA, 74 K, 23 BB, 57.2 IP, 0 Sv)

Being the eighth-inning set-up man didn’t pan out for Bastardo, so now as a situational lefty and perhaps the seventh-inning guy, Bastardo can form into a role more suited for him. What might be most important for the lefty is finding his niche and getting comfortable in that role.

Jake Diekman (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 1-1, 3.95 ERA, 35 K, 20 BB, 27.1 IP, 0 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 1-3, 4.12 ERA, 40 K, 18 BB, 36.1 IP, 0 Sv)

Diekman emerged as a lefty option during the 2012 season that was plagued with injuries and tryouts in the bullpen. Even after a modest season, it’s tough to see whether he sticks. I’m not so sure he has a true place with the Phillies just yet.

Chad Durbin (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 4-1, 3.10 ERA, 49 K, 28 BB, 61 IP, 1 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 3-1, 3.52 ERA, 43 K, 21 BB, 53 IP, 1 Sv)

Durbin got quite the workload with the Braves last season so don’t expect him to get that much action after rejoining the Phillies. However, look for solid performances. He knows the city, he knows the fans, he knows the expectations. He was effective last season as a right-handed specialist. The role could be perfect for him as part of the Phillies too.

Roy Halladay is coming off an injury-plagued 2012 season. Halladay missed two months of the 2012 season in between June and August. (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Roy Halladay is coming off an injury-plagued 2012 season. Halladay missed two months of the 2012 season in between June and August. (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Roy Halladay (2012 Prediction: 20-5, 2.37 ERA, 231 Ks, 32 BBs, 228.1 IP, 9 CG; 2012 Stats: 11-8, 4.49 ERA, 132 K, 36 BB, 156.1 IP, 0 CG; 2013 Prediction: 15-7, 3.69 ERA, 201 K, 34 BB, 203 IP, 2 CG)

After dealing with injury and disappointing results, it’s time to tone down the expectations on Roy Halladay. Doc isn’t the ace of aces on this team anymore and it has to be seen that way. Still, he’ll be looking to rebound from 2012 and prove he still has plenty left in the tank. In that regard, don’t expect numbers like last season.

Cole Hamels (2012 Prediction: 17-7, 2.63 ERA, 204 Ks, 41 BBs, 220.2 IP, 4 CG; 2012 Stats: 17-6, 3.05 ERA, 216 K, 52 BB, 215.1 IP, 2 CG; 2013 Prediction: 20-5, 2.89 ERA, 230 K, 38 BB, 227.2 IP, 4 CG)

Hamels is the new ace of the staff, period. And as the new ace, he will have to prove he deserves the title. He’ll be the top choice among starters so that’s where the high win totals come in. But aside from his occassional struggles, Hamels is among the most consistent pitchers in baseball. He’ll deliver quality almost every time out, so expect more of the same this season.

Jeremy Horst (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 2-0, 1.15 ERA, 40 K, 14 BB, 31.1 IP, 0 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 3-1, 2.52 ERA, 63 K, 20 BB, 55.2 IP, 0 Sv)

Horst was a welcome addition to a mediocre bullpen in 2012. He might not have a major role, but expect him to get more action and stick around this season. He is a strong lefty in a bullpen that could use a few good left-handed options.

Kyle Kendrick (2012 Prediction: 5-2, 3.10 ERA, 70 Ks, 38 BBs, 120.1 IP, 0 CG; 2012 Stats: 11-12, 3.90 ERA, 116 K, 49 BB, 159.1 IP, 1 CG; 2013 Prediction: 12-7, 3.95 ERA, 129 K, 45 BB, 189.2 IP, 1 CG)

This is really all about which Kendrick shows up: first-half 2012 or second-half 2012. Kendrick closed the 2012 season as perhaps the strongest pitcher on the roster. If he can keep it up, he’ll be a more than suitable fourth starter in the rotation.

John Lannan (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 4-1, 4.13 ERA, 17 K, 14 BB, 32.2 IP, 0 CG; 2013 Prediction: 10-7, 3.97 ERA, 108 K, 52 BB, 176.2 IP, 0 CG)

Lannan will likely serve as the fifth starter and despite not getting a lot of playing time with the Nationals in 2012, he will get regular turns in the rotation with the Phils. Look for Lannan to make more of an impact than expected, but he will also have his share of bad games.

Cliff Lee (2012 Prediction: 18-8, 2.51 ERA, 228 Ks, 44 BBs, 229 IP, 8 CG; 2012 Stats: 6-9, 3.16 ERA, 207 K, 28 BB, 211 IP, 0 CG; 2013 Prediction: 17-8, 2.98 ERA, 214 K, 31 BB, 226.1 IP, 3 CG)

Last season was unusual for Cliff Lee. He looked good, sometimes better than in 2011 at times, but couldn’t get a win. I think that was a total fluke of a season. Lee is better than the numbers indicated. He knows it. This should be a pitcher with a mission in 2013.

Jonathan Papelbon recorded 38 saves in 2012. Could he hit the 40-save mark in 2013? (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Jonathan Papelbon recorded 38 saves in 2012. Could he hit the 40-save mark in 2013? (Kevin Durso/Phillies Network)

Jonathan Papelbon (2012 Prediction: 5-2, 2.51 ERA, 90 Ks, 13 BBs, 71 IP, 36 Sv; 2012 Stats: 5-6, 2.44 ERA, 92 K, 18 BB, 70 IP, 38 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 4-3, 2.47 ERA, 95 K, 17 BB, 75 IP, 42 Sv)

Papelbon’s season  was a bit up-and-down. He was certainly a dominant closer when he had to be. But he blew several saves and lost games due to bad luck, not enough run support and so on. His numbers were excellent otherwise, so if he repeats last season without blowing as many saves, he should be even better than before.

Mike Stutes (2012 Prediction: 3-3, 3.40 ERA, 47 Ks, 24 BBs, 59.2 IP, 1 Sv; 2012 Stats:  0-0, 6.35 ERA, 5 K, 4 BB, 5.2 IP, 0 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 2-1, 3.83 ERA, 36 K, 16 BB, 34.2 IP, 1 Sv)

Stutes ran into injury trouble for the majority of the season so his numbers were not on par with what he displayed in 2011. But given the chance to be a regular bullpen member again, Stutes could make an impact.

Raul Valdes (2012 Prediction: N/A; 2012 Stats: 3-2, 2.90 ERA, 35 K, 5 BB, 31 IP, 0 Sv; 2013 Prediction: 2-2, 3.21 ERA, 32 K, 10 BB, 35 IP, 0 Sv)

Valdes was another surprise to a miserable bullpen. One of the more reliable arms the Phillies had last season, he should earn a spot again this season and have a similar role to last season as well.

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Kevin Durso is a writer for Phillies Network. In addition to his work on Phillies Network, you can find articles by him for Philliedelphia and The Loquitur. Also listen to him every Wednesday on 89.1 WYBF-FM in Radnor, PA from 2-4 p.m. on The Block Party, a music show hosted by Kevin featuring sports talk, as well as from 8-9 p.m. on Sports Source, featuring sports talk on all Philly sports. You can follow him on twitter @KDursoPhilsNet. Also check out Phillies Network's page on Facebook or @PhilliesNetwork on twitter for new posts and updates.

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