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PostHeaderIcon Remember When: Howard’s slam takes you back

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Kevin Durso/Phillies Network

There was a time when no one would leave the ballpark before the final out. There was always a chance for the Fightin’ Phils.

That has been non-existent of late. The Phillies trailed 5-1 to the equally-lowly Astros heading to the eighth. The ballpark, which used to house 45,000 fans on a daily basis, held 26,609 fans on Thursday night. Many of them left then.

Ryan Howard made them pay by taking everyone who stayed back to a time when the Phillies made regular rallies like the one they had on Thursday. He went back to the days when he was a feared hitter at the plate and everybody was thinking about the best-case scenario, not a struggling shell of his former self.

Howard said following Tuesday’s game that people forget what he’s done and focus too much on the present. The present isn’t pretty. As a whole, it is enlarged into a detailed report. If it’s Howard, it’s what Howard is doing wrong.

The same goes for every player on the team. The negatives outweigh the positives and the focus is greater on shortcomings and failures.

The one way to put all of them behind, for a week, a day, an hour is to have success. Instead of delivering the poor result, the result that helps the losses stack up, Howard delivered the win. That’s what people remember. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Morning Review: Outfield production leads Phillies

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There were several Phillies whose names were in the mix the week leading up to the trade deadline this week. Marlon Byrd’s was a popular one.

Byrd had been here before, last season in fact. He was traded from the Mets to the Pirates and right into a playoff race.

This season, he survived.

So in his second game following the deadline, Byrd showed off more power in a year that may end up being the best of his career from a production standpoint. His 21st home run proved to be the difference in the Phillies 2-1 win over the Nationals. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Get Organized: Phillies deadline silence continues endless circle of flawed thinking

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In the week leading up to the trade deadline, it was a very real possibility that the Phillies would do nothing. On Thursday afternoon, that nightmare became reality.

The Phillies made no moves at the deadline, leaving a roster struggling to compete completely in tact.

The reality that was realized on Thursday went further than the product on the field or the general manager’s office. The harsh reality is that, as a whole, the Phillies are not just a terrible baseball team. They are a horrible organization from top to bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Bewitching Hour: All quiet for Phillies as deadline day hits

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The Phillies are trying to sell and sell high. Let’s put that out there right away.

Ruben Amaro Jr. knows what this time of year means to the Phillies. This is the time for the Phillies to try to take a step back in the right direction. They get there overnight but anything will be a start.

With exactly 24 hours remaining before the deadline, the Phillies lost in humiliating fashion to the New York Mets, 11-2. It wasn’t the first game like that. It won’t be the last.

But this is the day where positives can begin. That’s where the Phillies have a problem.

There is nowhere to go. Amaro is working the phones, trying to deal players. But he also wants a return. He’s not getting that return.

With less than eight hours remaining before the deadline passes, here’s the latest on the Phillies trade efforts and what they mean. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon UPDATE: No serious efforts from Phillies to trade Hamels

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UPDATE: Following an afternoon filled with rumors of Cole Hamels potential trade, there was a new story on Tuesday night.

FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal reported that, according to sources, the Phillies had “no meaningful dialogue” with other teams regarding Hamels. There were no offers on the table involving the left-hander and they had not made any formal requests of other teams.

Rosenthal added that a source also claimed that a deal involving Hamels was the “least likely” to happen among the deals the Phillies were considering.

CBS Sports Jon Heyman confirmed the same reports and added his take, saying the Phillies should be interested in moving Hamels unlike what their actions suggest.

There was an uproar among fans when Hamels appeared in rumors. For a fan base desperate to see new faces and start a rebuilding process, how could anyone be opposed? Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Phillies frustrated by trade talks, but ‘not under pressure’

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The saga continues.

With under 48 hours until Thursday’s trade deadline, the news on the Phillies trade front is not good.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe updated the Phillies efforts in trade talks with the following tweet. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Phillies want ‘the world’ for Hamels

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Monday came and went with little fanfare around the baseball world, especially in relation to the Phillies.

The day was filled with minimal activity. The night brought another lackluster loss.

With three days now left until the trade deadline, the Phillies are trying to act upon what has been another disappointing season from top to bottom. But they aren’t finding much success. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Teams not sure if Phillies are ‘committed’ to selling

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The baseball season is a day-by-day journey. Tracking the trade deadline can be a journey in itself. This Phillies team is taking us on quite a journey as the trade deadline approaches.

Everyday, there is something new. On Sunday, it was the possibility that the Phillies may not be able to trade anybody. On Monday, it’s a further affirmed notion.

Buster Olney tweeted the following on Sunday night. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Morning Review: Howard’s response at end of rough week

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Last week started like any other week for Ryan Howard. He was getting regular playing time in the heart of the Phillies batting order.

Sure, Howard had been struggling, but that hadn’t provoked what would come later in the week.

On Wednesday, Howard’s name became bigger among trade rumors and there was the rumor that internally, the Phillies had discussed releasing the former MVP. From Wednesday to Friday, Howard didn’t see the field.

Howard got two hits in his return on Saturday. On Sunday, in his first at-bat, he homered to centerfield. Now that’s a response. Read the rest of this entry »

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PostHeaderIcon Game Changer: Rule 7.13 decides game, continues to make no sense

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“I’d much rather get killed. Seriously, I’d much rather be run over. Come get me.”

Well, someone finally said it.

Those were the thoughts of Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero following the Phillies 4-2 win over Arizona on Sunday afternoon.

The reason for the comment: Rule 7.13 – which produced an overturned out call that gave the Phillies the game-winning run. Read the rest of this entry »

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